Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery

The rotator cuff is a collection of four muscles that link your arm to the top of your shoulder blade. The most common forms of damage that affect the rotator cuff are impingement or a tear.

Rotator cuff surgery is an operation designed to alleviate the pain associated with rotator cuff damage. After undergoing surgery, you should experience less pain and be able to use your shoulder more effectively.

There are a number of procedures your surgeon may choose from in order to treat your rotator cuff injury including; shoulder arthroscopy, patch repair, massive rotator cuff tear repair, balloon arthroplasty)

Patients with small or minor tears to their rotator cuff can usually return to regular function with a change of regular activities and the help of physiotherapy. However, large tears are likely to require surgical intervention.

The rotator cuff procedure takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to perform. The operation is usually conducted under general anaesthetic but a variety of anaesthetic options are available.

Most commonly, surgeons will conduct the rotator cuff procedure using a technique called arthroscopy (so-called “keyhole-surgery”). Open surgery may nonetheless be required. Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate course of action for your case.

At One Healthcare we can book you in to see a specialist Orthopaedic surgeon, usually within 48 hours, for an initial consultation. Rotator cuff surgery is available at the One Hatfield Hospital in Hertfordshire and the One Ashford Hospital in Kent.

You can use your private medical insurance or pay for your Shoulder Rotator Cuff Surgery treatment. We offer competitive, fixed price packages as well as the ability to spread your cost with the option of 0% finance. If you are using your health insurance please do contact your insurer first for approval and let them know you’d like to be treated at One Ashford Hospital

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Orthopaedics Pricing Guide at One Ashford Hospital

This is a list of guide prices for some of common Orthopaedics treatments and procedures.

Treatment Guide Price Monthly from
Carpal Tunnel Release* £1,450 £30.45
Cruciate Ligament Repair (ACL) £4,985 £104.69
Excision of ganglion*  £1,950 £40.95
Dupuytren's Contracture*  £2,500 £52.50
Hip Replacement* £8,500 £178.52
Knee Arthroscopy*  £3,250 £68.26
Knee Replacement* £9,000 £189.02
Shoulder Surgery (Rotator Cuff Repair) £4,595 £96.50
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