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Spinal Care at One Ashford Hospital

At One Ashford Hospital, our specialist Spinal Care Unit can provide quick access for spine related complaints.  Our team of Orthopaedic spinal surgeons are experienced in their field, and can provide diagnosis and treatment for a range of conditions, from pain management to spinal decompression surgery.  Backed by a highly skilled multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists and nursing staff, we can ensure you receive the best possible care during your stay with us. 


Patients can usually be seen by an Orthopaedic spinal surgeon within 48 hours for an initial consultation.  Our Imaging team provide fast access to MRI, Ultrasound and X-Ray scanning, and alongside your Consultant, will help diagnose your condition.  A tailored treatment plan will be devised for you, which could involve attending a number of physiotherapy sessions, or if you require surgery for your condition, you will receive first class surgical care in one of our state of the art operating theatres.  Your operation will either be carried out as a day case procedure, or might involve an overnight stay.  Your surgeon will advise you as to the best course of action. 


Patients can access hospital treatment through their private health insurance or can choose to pay for their own treatment with the option to spread the cost interest free.


Our competitive fixed price packages give clear transparent pricing to ensure patients feel confident that there will be no hidden bills.



Spinal Care Pricing Guide

This is a list of guide or fixed-price packages for common Spinal Care treatments and procedures.

Treatment Guide /Package Price Monthly from
Dorsal root block (back pain)* £1,500 £33.52
Epidural injection (back pain)* £1,200 £26.81
Facet joint injection (back pain) (various) £1,000 £2.35
Slipped disc – lower back surgery £5,020 £112.85
Primary posterior fusion surgery £9,925 £222.34


*Fixed-price package

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Common Treatments and Conditions


How to access treatment at One Ashford Hospital

Access to treatment at One Ashford Hospital is quick and convenient.


Private health insurance

A number of patients do not realise that the cost of their treatment is covered by their private health insurance policy.  If you yourself have private health insurance (through work or a policy you took out yourself), it is worth checking to see if you could be covered.


Unsure of what to do?


  • Speak to your GP for a referral
  • Contact your insurer to check if your policy covers you
  • Book your procedure at One Ashford


Paying for your own treatment

Patients can self-refer by calling our Reservations Department on 01233 364 022 directly to book a consultation.  Our competitive fixed price packages give clear transparent pricing to ensure patients feel confident that there will be no hidden bills.


Our Private Practice Manager is available throughout your journey at One Ashford Hospital, providing comprehensive advice on:


  • 0% finance options
  • Consultant information
  • Competitive fixed-price packages
  • A visit and tour of the hospital
  • Prompt access to treatment
  • Peace of mind and confidence in your choice of One Ashford Hospital



Book your Consultation

If you have a spine condition and want to book an initial consultation with one of our Consultants, or just to find out more information about what we can offer please contact us on 01233 364 022 or message us here.