Ashford Events

Urology: Urological Infections and Kidney Cancer

30th January 2021 Virtual

  Join Mr Ben Eddy and Mr Milan Thomas, Consultant Urologists at One Ashford Hospital, on the morning of Saturday 30th January for a virtual seminar on Urological Infections and Bladder Cancer.   Urological Infections Mr Ben Eddy will be providing an overview of classification, diagnosis and management of Urological infections,…

Orthopaedics: Hips and Knees

6th March 2021 Virtual

  Join One Ashford Hospital Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons Mr Rohit Jain and Mr Helmut Zahn on the morning of Saturday 6th March for an informative virtual educational talk on hips and knees.  Discussions will be based around knee injections and hip replacement.   Knee Injections Mr Jain will be discussing…