Insured Patients


Using your Health Insurance at One Ashford Hospital

If you have private medical insurance and require treatment or surgery, you should make use of it to benefit from fast access to private care.  Tell your GP you have private medical insurance and ask to be referred to One Ashford Hospital.


Your insurer may ask you what hospital you want to be treated at, and by which Consultant.  You can find out more about Consultants available at our hospital here.  Most insurers require a referral from a GP in order to authorise your treatment.


One Ashford Hospital is welcomed and recognised by all major health insurers and a number of small insurers. .


If you do not have health insurance, we offer competitively priced self-pay treatments and procedures.


There may be certain items not covered by your insurance company, such as private prescriptions, so you should always contact your insurer regarding their ‘excess payment policy’ to check your level of cover.


We will invoice the insurance company for any procedures, tests and diagnostics carried out.  For items not covered under your policy, the team at One Ashford Hospital will invoice you separately for these costs.  Please do not hesitate to ask the team if you are unsure about anything.  Your insurance policy should make clear what is included in your cover.


How Can we Help You?

Contact our team to find out more information or to book an initial consultation – Make an enquiry


View our patient terms and conditions here


Why Choose One Ashford Hospital?

  • Quality care – patient-centred care
  • Specialist Consultants
  • Fast access to scans – with fast reporting
  • Dignified calm environment –modern and relaxed hospital experience
  • En-suite rooms – luxurious accommodation when you stay overnight with us
  • In-house catering – talented chefs with menus for all dietary requirements
  • Perfectly located – next to major road links, with free parking