Arthrosamid® Injections


Arthrosamid® is a revolutionary, safe and sustained injection to help patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis. A single injection of Arthrosamid® has proven to reduce stiffness between the joints, enhance mobility and improve quality of life without the need for major surgery. 

Arthrosamid® is based on hydrogel technology. The non-biodegradable injection is 97.5% water combined with a 2.5% cross-linked polyacrylamide backbone. The specialist injects the hydrogel into the knee, where it works to cushion and lubricate the joint. One Arthrosamid® injection can improve the pain and stiffness of knee osteoarthritis for up to 3 years.

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Who could benefit from Arthrosamid® Injections?

Arthrosamid® is an approved treatment to reduce the pain and stiffness of knee osteoarthritis. It cushions and lubricates the knee joint, improving your movement and reducing discomfort. If your knee osteoarthritis is causing pain, restricting your mobility and reducing your quality of life, Arthrosamid® can provide relief without the need for surgery.

What happens during an Arthrosamid® injection?

Your consultant will refer you for an Arthrosamid® injection. It is a minimally invasive procedure, performed under local anaesthetic, so you will not ordinarily need to stay in hospital overnight. 

What are the benefits of Arthrosamid® Injections?

Arthrosamid® offers safe and sustained relief from the pain of knee osteoarthritis, improving movement and boosting your quality of life.

The injection is designed to not degrade in the body, giving long-lasting pain relief. In clinical trials, patients noticed significantly reduced pain symptoms four weeks after injection, and this was maintained when they were followed up after three years.

Other injectable treatments, including steroid injections, are effective for a much shorter time. Arthrosamid® is active for longer, and you can receive repeated injections without endangering the health and structure of your knee joint.

What are the risks of Arthrosamid® Injections?

All joint injections carry risks however Arthrosamid® is generally very safe; there were no serious side effects in clinical trials. The risks of Arthrosamid® injections include:

  • Pain following the injection
  • Swelling around the injection site
  • A small risk of allergy to the medication
  • A small risk of joint infection


It is important to bear in mind that there is no cure for osteoarthritis, but treatment with Arthrosamid® may reduce or relieve your pain. You should also bear in mind that your osteoarthritis may not improve, and in some cases, it may get worse.


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