Why wait? Why worry?

Fast access to healthcare

  • Whether you are paying for your own treatment, or using medical insurance, One Ashford Hospital gives you the care you deserve.

    We pride ourselves on providing the best level of care, delivered by leading consultants, in state-of-the- art facilities.

    You can arrange payment before your procedure or even spread the cost interest-free.

    See a leading specialist within 72 hours

    Fast access to MRI,X-ray and ultrasound

    Little or no wait for surgery
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    Do you need hospital treatment or medical rehabilitation?

    If you or a loved one require treatment for an illness, our team of experienced consultants and healthcare professionals have launched the new Medical Admissions Unit.

    The Unit is designed for patients suffering from multiple conditions and needing medical care, rehabilitation and a hospital stay, or diagnostic investigations to get to the bottom of what’s wrong.

    All that you need to do is make one simple phone call, and our senior
    medical staff will ask some questions to ensure you or your loved one are suitable for admission into hospital. Once agreed you can arrive at the Hospital, where you will be under the care of the general medical nursing team and you will be assessed by a consultant physician within four hours of admission to the ward.
  • Your admission can be arranged by yourself, or on your behalf by a relative, GP, carer or care home. The service is supported by a multidisciplinary team including an on-site Resident Medical Officer (RMO), in-house physiotherapists.


Why One Healthcare?

  • Quality care – patient-centred care
    Specialist Consultants – some of the areas leading Consultants
    Fast access to scans – with fast reporting
    Relaxing environment –modern and relaxed hospital experience
    En-suite rooms - luxurious accommodation on-site when you stay overnight with us
    In-house catering – talented chefs with menus for all dietary requirements
    Perfectly located - next to major road links, with free parking

News & Events

August 7, 2018
Are you suffering from knee pain due to injury or osteoarthritis? The new 20 minute procedure could delay or even stop the need for keyhole surgery for osteoarthritis of the knee altogether.
August 1, 2018
Dr Steven White, Consultant Cardiologist will be discussing the latest advancements in Heart Diagnostic Imaging which is now available at One Ashford in the Cardiac MRI One Stop Clinic.