Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that has an impact on how people behave. Individuals with ADHD may appear restless, struggle to focus, and act impulsively.

The signs of ADHD are typically identified at a young age and may worsen as a child’s environment changes, such as when they start school. Most cases are diagnosed when children are under 12 years old, but sometimes it’s diagnosed later in childhood.



What are the signs of ADHD in children and young people?


They fall into two main categories:


  • having a short attention span
  • appearing forgetful
  • being unable to stick to tasks
  • having difficulty organising tasks

Hyperactivity and Impulsiveness

  • being unable to sit still
  • constantly fidgeting
  • being unable to concentrate on tasks
  • excessive physical movement
  • excessive talking
  • being unable to wait their turn
  • acting without thinking
  • interrupting conversations
  • little or no sense of danger





No one knows what causes ADHD, but certain things are known to play a role.

ADHD runs in families 

If a parent has ADHD, there is a higher chance that a child will have it. Genetic characteristics seem to be passed down from parent to child.

Pregnancy Problems:

  • being born prematurely
  • having a low birth weight
  • smoking, alcohol or drug abuse during pregnancy




Despite the fact that there is no treatment, once diagnosed it can be controlled with educational support, guidance, and assistance for parents and children who are afflicted, as well as medication, if necessary.

As part of our children and young people services at One Hatfield Hospital, we have a team of paediatricians on hand to assess, diagnose and support children and their families with ADHD.

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