Pre-assessment Form

We are delighted that you have chosen One Hatfield for your operation.

We would be grateful if you would spend a few minutes completing this questionnaire as soon as possible. This will then be reviewed by our Pre-assessment Nurse.

Failure to complete this questionnaire may result in your procedure being cancelled on the day. The Pre-assessment Nurse will liaise with you and book your appointment for any further tests.

Fasting Prior to Admission

Patients having general anaesthetic (GA) or sedation are required to stop eating 6 hours prior to their admission. Patients undergoing local anaesthetic (LA) are required to stop eating 2 hours prior to their admission, this includes boiled sweets and chewing gum.

Regardless of the anaesthetic, up to 2 hours prior to the admission time patients are strongly encouraged to drink clear fluids. This prevents unnecessary dehydration. After the 2 hours cut off, nothing should be consumed.

If your Consultant has advised you differently to the above guidelines, please follow their direct advice.


If you have any questions, please contact the Pre-assessment Nurses on 01707 44 3521 or 01707 443590