Insured Patients

One Hatfield Hospital welcomes patients with private medical insurance. If you have private medical insurance and require treatment or surgery, you may be able to benefit from fast access to private healthcare.  


One Hatfield Hospital is recognised by all the major insurance companies, including but not limited BUPA, AXA Health, Aviva, WPA, Vitality Health, Cigna and Simplyhealth.


There are a large number of policies available, so check to see which procedures, consultants and hospitals you are covered for (your insurance provider will be able to advise you). 


If you do not have health insurance, we offer competitively priced self-pay treatments and procedures.


Using Your Health Insurance

Most insurance providers will require a signed GP referral letter before authorising any treatment, so you will need to book a GP appointment to obtain this. A small number of insurers may allow you to book a consultation without a signed GP referral letter, and your provider will let you know what services this covers. It is often for treatments such as physiotherapy. 


Once you have received a signed referral letter from your GP, you should contact your insurance provider to ensure you are covered for the condition and if you can see a consultant specialist at One Hatfield Hospital. If you are, then they will provide you with a pre-authorisation code (you will need to provide this when booking any additional appointments). Your insurer will then provide you with a choice of consultants if you have not been referred to a specific consultant. It is then up to you to decide which consultant you would like to see.


Contact information for medical insurance companies


0800 158 3333

AXA Health

0800 068 2497


0808 115 3552


0800 242 442

Health Assured

0800 206 2535

General & Medical

0870 749 1900

Simply Health

0370 908 3481


0345 601 0072


01823 625 230


Booking an Initial Consultation

Once you have you received your pre-authorisation code and decided upon the consultant you would like to see, you can contact the hospital to arrange an initial consultation. Please have the following information available before contacting us:


✓ Your name and date of birth

✓ Your policy number

✓ Your pre-authorisation code

✓ The name of the consultant you wish to see. The hospital will allocate one if you do not have a preference


When arriving for your consultation, you will be required to confirm the above details, so it is advised that you take the relevant documentation along with you. You should also bring your signed GP referral letter. If you cannot provide this information, you will be asked to pay the full cost of your initial consultation, along with any hospital charges arising.


Additional Costs

There may be certain items not covered by your insurance company, such as private prescriptions (drugs to take home after your hospital procedure), so you should always contact your insurer regarding their ‘excess payment policy’ to check your level of cover. Items such as newspapers and magazines, phone calls and visitor’s meals will not be covered under your policy.


We will invoice the insurance company for any procedures, tests and diagnostics carried out.  For items not covered under your policy, the team at One Hatfield Hospital will invoice you separately for these costs.  Please do not hesitate to ask the team if you are unsure about anything.  Your insurance policy should make clear what is included in your cover.


Payment Process

For most patients, the cost of your treatment will be paid directly to the hospital by your insurance provider. Our hospital fees include:


✓ The use of our facilities

✓ Consumables

✓ Staffing, including nursing care

✓ Meals and accommodation


Please note that surgeons (your consultant) and anaesthetists charge independently for their time and expertise.


Please be aware that you may have an excess on your insurance policy which you will be responsible for settling. As part of our booking process, you will be required to provide debit or credit card details before your initial consultation. This will only be used to secure payment in the event of a shortfall. Both you and the hospital will be notified of the shortfall by the insurer. 


How can we help you?

Please get in touch with one of the team by calling us on 01707 443 333 or email