Our relationship with Consultants


Consultants and our private GPs are a vital part of One Healthcare Hospitals. However, in common with most private healthcare operators, we do not employ them. Doctors working in our hospitals are self-employed practitioners who choose to see and treat patients at our hospitals under the terms of our ‘practicing privileges’ policy.

Higher Value Services

We charge consultants (and other healthcare professionals such as dieticians and podiatrists) for using consulting rooms at our hospitals, except in relation to NHS patients. The charge applicable at One Hatfield Hospital is £17 per hour utilised.

Lower Value Services

The following “low-value” services are also provided to referring clinicians with practising privileges at this hospital:

  • General services to ensure clinical safety such as clinical training and chaperones
  • Operational services such as patient bookings/admissions and insurance/indemnity cover in respect of NHS patients
  • General marketing support, including production of consultant directories, promotional activities, web profiles etc.
  • Basic workplace amenities such as teas/coffees/refreshments, subsidised meals, car parking, stationery.
General Corporate Hospitality

Some consultants provide advice or other support to the hospital for which they are not paid. An example of this is our Hospital Medical Advisory Committee (MAC), which meets at least once every other month. The Committee’s role is to provide assurance and advice to the senior management team on medical and operational matters. Refreshments are provided free of charge.

We also arrange training and information events for consultants and local GPs. These prove an excellent way to enhance GPs’ understanding and knowledge about both our hospitals and some of the specialist services we provide there. No payments are made to GPs or consultants for attending, although refreshments are provided and we sometimes use (and pay for) external venues when there is insufficient space for this type of event at the hospital.

Sometimes we also hold networking events for our GPs and consultants, which may be held off-site (at a restaurant or sports game).

Some hospital or corporate managers may also invite consultants to discuss options for developing the hospital and these may be held over dinner.

Financial Interests

Some of our consultants have financial interests in equipment used within One Hatfield Hospital. This information is listed on the referring clinician’s individual profile on the hospital’s website. Additionally, private hospital operators are also required to disclose details of certain paid services provided by referring clinicians in addition to their exercising practicing privileges at that hospital. Details of these arrangements can also be found on the profile of individual consultants.