SunSafe Competition

Summer is here and the sun is HOT! It’s hard to believe how lucky we have been so far, with temperatures soaring and the heat wave lasting… a month? Two months? Who’s keeping track?!

But with all that fun in the sun, we want to remind you of the dangers posed by not applying suncream.

Here’s what we know:

Over 90% of Skin Cancer is caused by sun exposure.

More than 50% of ALL cancers are skin cancers.

There are at least 100,000 new cases of skin cancer each year.

We can help prevent skin cancer with simple sun protection steps.

Steps you can take:

Wear Appropriate Clothing – long sleeves if possible, hats, and sunglasses

Seek Shelter – typically between 11am and 3pm

Apply Suncream – use a good SPF, and one with a high UVA rating

Time it right – apply sun protection 20 minutes before exposure


To encourage the residents of Hertfordshire to practice safe exposure to the sun, we are launching our #SunsafeSelfie Competition! Starting today (10/08/18), we are looking for Hertfordshire’s best sunsafe selfie. We want to see you applying sun cream, wearing hats, sunglasses, anything and everything that makes your exposure to the sun safer!

As with any good competition, there IS A PRIZE and we are giving away goodies worthy of any sunsafe beach day, which includes:

1 x Green Pop up Sun Shade

1 x Green and White Branded Bag

1 x Pink Branded Towel

1 x Giant Beach Ball

1 x Frisbee Flyer

1 x Rubber Duck

1 x Altruist SPF50 Sunscreen

This competition is open to everyone and entrants will have to like our Facebook Page, comment a #SunsafeSelfie on the pinned post, and share that post! We are accepting entrants until 31/08/18, at which point we will announce the winner and send out the goodie bag to them!

Promoting safe exposure to the sun is incredibly important for the One Healthcare Group, and we are committed to helping reduce the amount of Skin Cancer cases each year.

Best of luck in the competition, and we hope you enjoy the rest of the glorious summer sunshine safely!