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Hospital: One Hatfield Hospital

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Mr Ananth Vijendren


Consultant ENT Surgeon

Clinical Interests

Otology, Hearing, Balance, Ear pain, Ear discharge, Wax removal, Tinnitus, Vertigo, BPPV, Menniere’s disease, Eustachian tube dysfunction, Cholesteatoma, Glue ear, Grommets, Tympanoplasty, Mastoid surgery, Hearing implants, Stapes surgery, Nasal polyps, Chronic rhinosinusitis, Septoplasty, Sinus Surgery (FESS), Tonsillitis, Tonsillectomy, Neck lumps, Voice disorders, Thyroid disorders, Head and neck cancer, Throat disorders, Snoring, Obstructive sleep apnoea, Adenoidectomy

Specialising in

  • Adult and children ENT
  • Otology
  • Hearing reconstruction
  • Balance
  • Head and neck lumps

Professional Profile

Mr Ananth Vijendren is a Consultant ENT Surgeon with a sub-specialty interest in adult and paediatric ear-related diseases, balance and hearing reconstruction.

He qualified from the University of Southampton and undertook his foundation training in Basingstoke, where he first developed interest for ENT disorders. He was then recruited into postgraduate surgical and ENT training within the East of England after ranking amongst the top nationally. Since then, he has been privileged to work in renowned centres under the guidance of experts within the field. He was awarded the internationally prestigious Otology and Hearing Implant fellowship at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, where he gained further experience in complex ear, hearing reconstruction and cochlear implantation surgery before joining the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust in 2019.

Mr Vijendren has a busy NHS practice where he sees and treats a variety of ear presentations including tympanic membrane perforations, cholesteatoma, hearing loss and balance disorders. He frequently undertakes tympanomastoid, middle ear and hearing reconstructive surgeries amongst other operations. He is also a core member of the regional Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire head and neck cancer multidisciplinary team where he works closely with expert colleagues to treat patients with benign and cancerous head and neck lumps.

In addition to his clinical work, Mr Vijendren is enthusiastic about advancements and research within the field of ENT. This has led him to complete a PhD focusing on occupational hazards affecting ENT surgeons and the resultant consequence on clinical performance. His academic passion has resulted in him publishing articles in journals and book chapters, many of which he has presented around the globe and won awards for. His keen interest in teaching and training the next generation of clinicians had led him to co-author and develop the website, an online freely accessible ENT textbook for health professionals.

Mr Vijendren is often described as organised, efficient and a compassionate communicator. He firmly believes in practising evidence-based medicine, personalising it for every individual patient to deliver the best quality of care with the utmost respect for patient choice and satisfaction.

Personal Profile

In his spare time, Mr Vijendren enjoys spending time with his young family, cooking and travelling. He is an ardent sports fan and finds playing the guitar an excellent way to wind down at the end of the day.

Memberships or Associations

  • ENT-UK
  • British Society of Otology
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England
  • British Medical Association
  • General Medical Council