Ms Lexie Minter

BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Independent Nurse Prescriber

Independent Nurse Prescriber

Ms Lexie Minter is an Independent Nurse Prescriber with a special interest in hormone health and the menopause. She has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and has worked across Accident & Emergency, Occupational Health, Midwifery, Investment Banking / Corporate Health and Primary Care.

Clinical Interests

  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Post menopause
  • Genito urinary syndrome of the menopause (GSM)
  • Vulval vaginal health
  • Testosterone in women
  • Hormones and the workplace

Year Qualified



Ms Lexie Minter

BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Independent Nurse Prescriber

Independent Nurse Prescriber

Professional Profile

Lexie completed her nurse training in North London at the Royal Free Hospital and qualified with BSc Nursing. She has worked in Accident & Emergency and completed the additional Emergency Care qualification. In addition to nursing, she also trained and qualified as a Midwife with a BSc In Midwifery. Lexie worked as a Nurse and Midwife in London in both the NHS and private sector at the Royal Free, Chelsea and Westminster, Charing Cross at St Mary’s Hospitals.

In 2009, Lexie moved to the private sector with an investment bank and coordinated its on-site healthcare and health initiatives. In 2011, she competed the Independent Nurse Prescribing qualification at Kings College. Lexie worked as a Senior Sister in the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother (QEQM) Emergency Department before moving to HCA International where she was embedded in their corporate sites across The City and Central London.

In recent years Lexie has specialised and focused on menopause care and building on her passion for women’s health, empowerment and advocacy. She has undertaken extensive British Menopause Society training courses, international menopause training, ongoing professional development and is a Newson Menopause Society Associate. Lexie has extensive knowledge of the NHS and the private sector which helps her navigate her patients to appropriate care.  

Lexie firmly believes her job as a nurse is to provide the highest levels of individualised care and to advocate for her patients through every step of their journey.

Personal Profile

Lexie has an active social life and enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is an avid rugby supporter and regularly attends international matches at Twickenham. She supports Harlequins, Barbarians and closely follows the Red Roses.

Ms Lexie Minter

BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Independent Nurse Prescriber

Independent Nurse Prescriber


Here at One Ashford Hospital, we are always pleased to hear what our patients think of the service they have received.  Below is a snapshot of the some of the excellent feedback we have received for Ms Lexie Minter.

As you would expect, Lexie is incredibly knowledgeable about menopause, hormones and HRT but she explains everything in a way you can understand so I finally understand the importance of oestrogen. She’s wonderfully relaxed so I felt very comfortable and at ease talking about very personal topics.

Lexie has been so helpful. She has been supportive and provided me with everything I needed for a good quality of life and to help me maintain my wellbeing. She is AMAZING!!

I had been on HRT from the doctor since January 2018 at 49 years old. To begin with, I felt better, but as the years went on, I felt like I was on a downward spiral with my mental health. I contacted my doctor, who put me on Beta Blockers for my chronic anxiety and panic attacks, but I felt this was not the answer. In Spring 2023, I heard about Lexie, who was conducting consultations for Hormone Health at the One Hospital. I booked an appointment and felt understood for the first time. I was in a dark place, and Lexie knew from my medical history that I was on a much lower dose of HRT. Lexie prescribed me a whole new HRT prescription and four months on, I now feel like me again. I have a sense of joy; I can cope with the everyday tasks and my job again. I am motivated to exercise, sleep well, have no brain fog, and no more chronic anxiety or aching joints. I was also prescribed Androfeme (female testosterone) and now have a higher sex drive than my husband, and more importantly, I have my smile back. I can’t thank Lexie enough for helping me; she is fantastic.

Ms Lexie Minter

BSc Nursing, BSc Midwifery, Independent Nurse Prescriber

Independent Nurse Prescriber


Personalised Hormone Health and Menopause Care at One Ashford Hospital

Lexie Minter is a specialist on a mission: to give women their hormones back. 

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Everything you have wanted to know about the perimenopause and HRT

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