One Hatfield Surgeon Mr Frosh treats bullied girl, 8

The Sun Online told the story of young patient Lillianna Biggs, who is being treated at One Hatfield Hospital by ENT surgeon Mr Adam Frosh.


Lillianna has suffered cruelly at the hands of bullies due to her appearance. Mr Frosh saw Lillianna in the NHS in Stevenage and has recommended Pinnaplasty surgery which has been shown to reduce bullying in children with so called “bat ears”. Unfortunately, this has not been possible on the NHS due to funding restrictions. Mr Frosh, his team and One Hatfield hospital are providing the treatment free for Lillianna and this will take place in June.

Mother, Cara said: “They are touched by her story. .  . Dr Frosh has spent time with Lillianna and seen how the effects on Lillianna have caused her problems at home and in school, and he’s just seen that she’s just a very sad little girl. . . Doctors don’t normally do that. . . It’s amazing.”


During her pre-op assessment, Cara said Lillianna was introduced to the staff as their “VIP guest” and they “treated her like a princess”, which made her cry with happiness.

Speaking about the special case, Mr Frosh told Sun Online: “To give you an idea about Lillianna – she is just sweetness itself. I find it hard not to cry when she comes to see me because she’s just so lovely.

“And I could tell when I saw her that she was losing her hair from the stress of it, and she’s not eating properly, and she’s not sleeping at night, and she’s wetting herself at school.

“She would be very likely to improve a lot by having the surgery.

“The idea with bat ear surgery is to render them unnoticeable, and that’s going to be the aim with Lillianna.

“There’s a lot of evidence to show that if you perform this operation on children that are bullied, that actually the bullying goes away.

“We carry our childhood into our adult life, and who knows how much this is going to affect her in the long-term.”


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