Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?


breast augmentation; breast implantsHave you been considering breast augmentation surgery? We have asked our expert cosmetic surgeon Mr Marcus Davis to answer the most frequent questions patients ask about this type of surgery. Have any additional questions? Join our free mini cosmetic consultation evening on Wednesday 27th February or visit our events page to see the next available event.

Who is suitable for this kind of surgery?

Anyone wanting larger breasts, has breast that have not developed or patients who have lost volume as a result of pregnancy or weight loss that they wish to restore.

What results can patients expect to achieve?

Breast augmentation simply adds volume to your breasts making them a larger version of what you already have. It does not correct differences (as a general rule of thumb). It can improve the shape of your breasts.

How long will they stay in Hospital?

Breast enlargement surgery is done as a day case procedure, so you go home the same day.

How long is the recovery?

This depends slightly upon whether the implant is placed on top of or underneath your chest muscle. Generally speaking patients will be advised to avoid exercise for a period of six weeks and then to gently re-introduce this if applicable. You will be asked to wear a non-underwired post-surgical support bra for at least six weeks and possibly also a breast band (if implants under the muscle). Swelling can take three months to settle and if your implants are under the muscle they can take three months to drop in to place as they will initially sit high.

What is the consultation process?

Patients come in for a roughly 45 minute consultation during which time we will discuss your medical history in depth, your goals/aims for your breasts, after which I will examine your breasts and discuss the options available and the results I think we can achieve

We will discuss the operation, what it involves, the risks and recovery process in more depth. Photos will be taken for your medical records (with your permission).

I will also scan your breasts with a 3D scanner (Crisalixâ) so as to create a 3D simulation whereby we can simulate different size breast implants to get an idea of what your breasts will look like after surgery. This is then emailed to you so you can view and review this in the comfort of your own home.

If you are set on going ahead with the operation and have chosen the size of your implants then surgery can be booked, otherwise you will need to return for a second consultation, should you wish to proceed, during which the size of the implants will be finalised.

Is there anything they need to do before surgery?

Before surgery I would urge patients to read through information leaflets about their chosen surgery and come back to see me if they have any questions or uncertainties that need answering. I also ask that smoking is stopped at least one month before surgery, that alcohol is avoided for a week before surgery. Patients are asked to shower the morning of surgery and to bring/wear comfortable, loose fitting and easily put-on clothes so as to be comfortable after surgery.

Is there anything else that would help get maximum results?

Follow advice regarding showering, wound care, exercise etc. after surgery. Avoid smoking and alcohol for a period of time after surgery.


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