A warm welcome to Cecille Pelagio, Outpatients Lead at One Hatfield Hospital


The staff team at One Hatfield Hospital are delighted to welcome Cecille Pelagio, our new Outpatients Lead.


Cecille has been a registered nurse for 20 years and has a background in respiratory care and rehabilitation. She joins us from Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital, a rehabilitation hospital in Welwyn, where she was a Ward Sister for six years.


Cecille Pelagio, Outpatients LeadWe asked Cecille how she was settling in.

I am really enjoying being at One Hatfield. There is such a friendly atmosphere because the hospital is small and everyone knows each other.  From the first day I have received lots of welcoming smiles and good vibes.


How are you finding your new role?

I am enjoying getting to know the team, there are ten of us in total, and familiarising myself with all the procedures and routines. There is so much to learn. We cover a huge range of specialisms here and I really like that variety. As a team we have such a breadth of experience and we learn so much from each other by sharing our skills and knowledge.


What is your typical day like?

Every day is different and the care and treatment we provide depends on which of our consultants have clinics that day. It can be a mixture of different specialisms such as gynaecology, orthopaedics, ENT, urology, cardiology and so on, and for each one different procedures and skills are required. It can be very busy most of the time due the high number of patients we see. The team work really well together and demonstrate a real commitment to the job.


What is your role as Outpatient Lead?

As Outpatient Lead I am responsible for supervising and leading this excellent team of healthcare professionals, ensuring that both individually and as a whole, we provide and maintain a high standard of excellent care. I am responsible for monitoring patient volumes, quality of care and performance of staff to identify any area for improvement and I ensure that, as a team, we provide a holistic, high standard of care for every single patient across all specialisms and clinics.


We’re so pleased to have Cecille on board and wish her lots of luck in her new role.