Mr Nikhil Vasdev awarded honorary Doctor of Science


Congratulations to Mr Nikhil Vasdev, Consultant Urological Surgeon & Associate Medical Director for Cancer Services, who has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Science by the School of Life and Medical Sciences, University of Hertfordshire.


Mr Nikhil VasdevMr Vasdev was awarded for his contributions to medical practice and research, namely Robotic Prostatectomy Outcomes and Uro-Oncology Research.


His work has attracted a number of major research grants and brought the best scientific innovations into Hertfordshire. He regularly mentors hospitals and surgeons in Europe and Asia, and leads the East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust cancer network for the Lister Robotic Urology/Vatikutti Foundation – a collaboration to help make robotic surgery more accessible to those in the developing world.


You can read more about Mr Nikhil Vasdev here.