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Ask the Consultant – children’s orthopaedic care

Mr Shobhit Verma is the only orthopaedic consultant in the area who focuses exclusively on paediatrics, offering babies, children and adolescents highly specialised operative and non-operative management of a wide range of routine and complex conditions.

Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (MTSS)

  Commonly known as ‘shin splints’, medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) is an exertional lower leg pain, seen in athletes and those starting or returning to activities.  There is often angst about the underlying cause, when patients can safely return to activity and how to prevent recurrence.   Why does it happen? It is an…

One Hatfield Autumn 2020 Newsletter

The One Hatfield Autumn 2020 Newsletter is now available to download. Packed full of the latest hospital news, treatments available, upcoming free 10 minute consultations and much more, you can download the full version here.    

Mr George Mochloulis trials new nerve monitoring technology at One Hatfield Hospital

Mr George Mochloulis, Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon specialising in head and neck surgery and thyroid surgery, was delighted to be invited to be the first, worldwide, to trial and evaluate game changing nerve monitoring technology here at One Hatfield. The new NIM® VITAL Nerve Monitoring System from Medtronic enables the surgeon to reduce the risk of vocal cord dysfunction for patients undergoing critical thyroid surgery.

Managing Non-Urgent Shoulder and Elbow Problems During COVID-19

  As services are beginning to recover following the COVID-19 outbreak, One Ashford Hospital is once again open for face to face consultations and outpatient procedures, with surgery resuming shortly.    The following guidelines from the British Elbow and Shoulder Society may assist in the management of patients during this time, as advised by our…