A septorhinoplasty is a surgical operation to alter the shape of your nose.  It is possible that you will require a septorhinoplasty if you have trouble breathing, however, the procedure is usually performed for cosmetic reasons.


The septorhinoplasty procedure is complicated and there are many difficult steps that can cause issues with the results.  It is not possible to guarantee a perfect septorhinoplasty and the risks and costs should be considered before booking the operation.


It is best to consult your GP before enquiring about the septorhinoplasty procedure.


What does the operation involve?

The septorhinoplasty procedure is usually carried out under general anaesthetic.  During the procedure, your specialist may:


  • Make your nose smaller (nose reduction) by removing some of the cartilage and bone
  • Make your nose larger (nose augmentation) by taking cartilage from the ears and bone from the hips, elbow or skull, and using this to build up the nose (aka a ‘graft’)
  • Change the shape of your nose, including your nostrils by breaking the nose bone and rearranging the cartilage
  • Change the angle between the nose and top lip


Once the operation is completed, the skin on your nose will reshape to fit the corrected appendage.


There are two main types of incision involved in the procedure, cutting across the skin between the nostrils (‘open rhinoplasty’), or small cuts within the nostril (‘closed rhinoplasty’).  A closed rhinoplasty leaves no visible scars and causes less swelling, however, this operation is not always possible.  Either procedure takes between an hour and three hours to perform and most patients will need to stay in hospital over night or possibly more.  You will probably leave hospital with dressings in each nostril and a point held across your nose.  You will not be able to breathe through your nose.

You will provided with painkillers for normal pain.


Children and Young People

We have specialist ENT surgeons qualified and experienced in treating our younger patients. Please contact us to find out more.


You can’t usually use your private medical insurance for cosmetic surgery but you can pay directly for your Septorhinoplasty treatment. We offer competitive, fixed price packages as well as the ability to spread your cost with the option of 0% finance. If you able to use your health insurance please do contact your insurer first for approval and let them know you’d like to be treated at One Ashford Hospital.

Why One Ashford

  • Modern purpose-built hospital opened in March 2016
  • Fast access to diagnostics including MRI, Xray and Ultrasound
  • Private, spacious, en-suite rooms
  • Specialist Physiotherapy and nursing teams
  • Little or no waiting time
  • ‘Ultra clean air’ theatres
  • Freshly prepared food
  • Calm, dignified experience

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Contact our team to find out more information regarding private Septorhinoplasty or to book an initial consultation.

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Ear, Nose and Throat Pricing Guide at One Ashford Hospital

This is a list of guide prices for some of common Ear, Nose and Throat treatments and procedures.

Treatment Guide Price Monthly from
Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) £3,405 £71.51
Insertion of Grommet (Adult) £1,944 £40.83
Insertion of Grommet (Child) £2,050 £43.05
Tonsillectomy (Adult) £2,255 £47.36
Tonsillectomy  (Child) £2,555 £53.66
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