Peripheral Nerve Block


A peripheral nerve block is used to provide regional anaesthesia for surgery, avoiding the need for a general anaesthetic, or to prevent pain following an injury. 


For surgery, a nerve block can be preferable to a general anaesthetic in some cases because there a less side effects, it can helps a quicker recovery from the surgery, and provides better pain relief.


What happens during this procedure?

Your Anaesthetist will ensure that the area of skin to be injected is clean. He or she will then inject local anaesthetic into the area of skin surrounding the nerve block injection site. An ultrasound scan is often used to pinpoint the specific nerve or bundle of nerves that will block all sensation of feeling and pain to the area of the body injured or receiving surgery.


You will feel pressure and some sensation as the needle is inserted. The injection takes about 30 minutes to work fully and should not be painful.


How long will it take to recover?

Nerve blocks affect many types of nerves, including those that control normal sensation, pain and movement. When fully effective you will feel complete numbness, but as the nerve block wears off you will feel tingling, heaviness and the inability to move your arm or leg. As more sensation returns you may start to feel pain. Once a nerve block starts to wear off it is usually stops within 60 minutes. A small tube (or catheter) may be left in position which can be used to top-up the injection to prolong the duration of your pain relief.


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