Monovisc for Knee Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis, commonly known as ‘wear and tear’ arthritis is a condition that affects the cartilage, the natural cushioning between joints.  When cartilage begins to wear away, the bones of the joints rub more closely against each other.  As the shock absorbing benefits of cartilage begin to disappear, the result is pain, swelling, stiffness, decreased mobility, and sometimes the formation of bone spurs.


Monovisc® is a single injection viscosupplement used to treat joint pain in the knees that are affected by osteoarthritis. The gel-like substance, manufactured from ultra-pure hyaluronic acid and obtained entirely from a non-avian source, supplements the hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the synovial fluid of a healthy knee.


Viscosupplementation is believed to relieve osteoarthritis knee pain by restoring the viscoelastic properties of the hyaluronic acid found in the knee.


Who is Suitable for Monovisc Injections?

Viscosupplementation is recommended for patients who have failed to respond adequately to conservative therapy and simple analgesics, i.e. acetaminophen.


Viscosupplementation is most effective in people with mild or moderate arthritis.  It is often used when trying to delay knee replacement surgery.



The procedure for a Monovisc knee injection is as follows:


  • The patient either lies on their back with the knee straight, or sits upright with the knee bent. The doctor will make the decision as to what the preferred approach will be, so they can safely insert the needle into the knee capsule.


  • A local anaesthetic may be applied to numb the area.


  • The patient is then asked to relax the leg muscles so the injection can be effectively administered. This will also reduce any pain the patient may feel from the injection.


  • If the knee is swollen with excess fluid, the doctor may draw this out with a needle and syringe.


  • Using a new sterile syringe, the hyaluronic acid is injected on one side of the knee. It is only effective if it is administered directly into the knee joint and not the surrounding tissue.


  • Once complete, the injection area will be cleaned and bandaged, and the patient will be asked to straighten and bend their knee several times. This will help spread the fluid throughout the knee joint.


Post Procedure Care

It is advised that you rest for approximately 12 – 24 hours after your viscosupplementation, as this will help reduce injection pain and decrease the possibility of hyaluronic acid from being flushed away from the joint capsule.


During this period, low impact activities such as a short walk can be performed, but it is best to avoid performing high impact activities such as running.



The Monovisc® injection typically provides pain relief between 2 – 4 weeks following the procedure, with results lasting for up to six months.


Risks and Complications

Viscosupplementation of the knee is generally considered safe, but as with any medical procedure, it may carry some risks. Side effects that patients may experience include:


  • Mild swelling and pain at the injection site.


Other rare complications include:


  • Bursitis
  • Allergic reactions
  • Infection
  • Pseudo-septic arthritic reaction. This is a severe inflammatory reaction or flare-up at the injection site. If this occurs (usually within the first three days following the procedure), it can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen, or steroids.


If you experience any of the rare complications listed above, seek medical advice immediately.



If viscosupplementation is effective, you may be able to repeat the procedure approximately six months later. Please bear in mind that they are not suitable for everyone, particularly if your osteoarthritis is more advanced, in which case you will need to speak to your doctor about other treatment options, including knee replacement surgery.


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