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Shoulder and Elbow

Our shoulders and elbows are incredible joints, they are very flexible and allow a great range of movement. However due to their flexibility and dexterity they are also often the site of pain, damage and injury. A damaged or painful elbow or shoulder joint can make everyday tasks painful and difficult. Arthritis, repetitive use and sports injuries are common causes of pain and damage.

At One Hatfield Hospital you can usually see an Orthopaedic surgeon within 48 hours for an initial consultation. We have a new imaging suite with MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound supported by an excellent radiology team to help diagnose your condition and help your Consultant develop a treatment plan. We then perform a range of treatments in our modern purpose built facilities and if an overnight stay is required you'll be able to recover in a high quality private en-suite bedroom.

We see patients covered by all major insurers and for those not insured we offer competitive fixed price packages with the option to spread the cost interest free.

Common treatments include:

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