Our expert care is available to everyone and we welcome NHS patients.

Prompt, high-quality treatment is important to every patient. So if you’re an NHS patient, you can choose to receive your medical treatment in our modern, well-equipped and immaculate hospital.

In 2016, One Healthcare hospitals in England became part of NHS Choices. If you need to have surgery, a test or imaging, you could be treated at one of our One Healthcare hospitals in England through the NHS e-Referral System. Just ask your GP.

The NHS e-Referral System replaced Choose and Book in June 2015.

It is an NHS scheme that allows patients in England to choose the hospital they want to go to for their treatment and book an appointment on a date and time that suits them. For each hospital, a specific list of treatments is covered by the scheme.

When your GP decides that you should see a specialist or to have a procedure, they will tell you if this is covered by the scheme.

If it is, you will be able to choose where you are treated from a list of hospitals or clinics in your area, including independent hospitals. At this stage you may choose to be treated at one of our hospitals, provided that it offers the services you require and has the space available.

To find out if you can have treatment at a One Healthcare hospital, simply ask your GP. Or for further information contact one of our hospitals directly or complete our online enquiry form.

Unfortunately, at the moment the NHS e-Referral System does not cover NHS patients in Scotland or Wales.

For more information on the NHS e-Referral System, visit the NHS Choices website.

What to expect

If you’re coming in for treatment with us as an NHS patient, we want to make your time in one of our hospitals as comfortable and efficient as possible.

To make sure you feel prepared and in control, every stage of your treatment and expected recovery will be explained to you in full.

After your GP has referred you to us, you will normally have a short initial appointment where you will discuss your condition with one of our specialists.

They will arrange any investigative tests that may be necessary, such as blood tests or X-rays.

Once a diagnosis has been made, you will talk about your treatment plan with your consultant.

You might need further consultations, or you may be referred back to your GP for on-going care and management of your condition.

After your surgery

Once you've had your surgery, you’ll be moved into a recovery area or room complete with ensuite facilities, TV and wifi where you can recover in comfort until your consultant feels you're ready to go home. Your friends and family will be able to visit anytime you want – we don’t have fixed visiting hours.

When you're ready to leave hospital you will receive a copy of your treatment and recovery plan with full details of any follow-up care and medication you may need, plus a contact number if you have any concerns once you are home. It's a good idea to take your copy with you if you need to see your GP soon after your procedure.

We will also keep your GP informed about your treatment and recovery plan and progress. Our report will be added to your medical records and kept by your GP.


The NHS covers all the costs of your treatment with us. You only pay for extra personal items, such as phone calls, just as you would in an NHS hospital.