What is Myogenes Genetic Testing for Health & Fitness?


Myogenes Genetic Testing for Health & Fitness is a simple saliva swab test that gives patients a comprehensive overview of their individual health, diet and lifestyle responses based on their individual DNA.


What is does it test for?

The DNA sample will be analysed for individual responses to a range of diet, health and fitness criteria. This in turn will allow patients to discover how to adapt their diet and lifestyle to achieve personalised optimal health.

The review includes:

  • Individual response to the breakdown of carbohydrates and saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • A review of your personal genetic risk of deficiencies in vitamin and minerals
  • Your genetic disposition to health factors including obesity, cholesterol, bone density and blood sugar levels
  • Learn about your metabolism of alcohol, coffee and lactose and your responses to physical activity, including a greater understanding of your muscles and which sports will benefit you


Who can take the test?

As genetics never change, testing can be completed by patients of any age


What does it involve?

The test is a simple saliva test which can be completed at home. The sample is then posted to the specialist laboratory for examination. Once the sample is received, a report will be sent directly to you within 2- 3 weeks.


What can you expect from the report?

You will receive a comprehensive 80+ page personal report broken down into the following chapters:

  1. The way to your ideal bodyweight
  2. How much do genes influence your health?
  3. Which vitamins and minerals does your body need?
  4. Important influences on your eating habits
  5. The effectiveness of your metabolism
  6. Your genes, detoxification and antioxidants
  7. Your response to sports and recreation
  8. Generically determined additions and ageing


How much does it cost?

£550 for the test and comprehensive report


The Genetic Testing for Health & Fitness Test can be collected from One Hatfield Hospital’s Outpatient Department from our pre-assessment team.

For more information on Myogenes Genetic testing email hatfield.info@onehealthcare.co.uk or call 01707 443 459