Knee osteotomy patient journey – the alternative to knee replacement

What is knee osteotomy?

Osteotomy procedures realign the knee joint improving mobility in patients and reduce pain.

They are ideally suited to younger patients who have damage to the knee joint on one side but are reluctant to have a knee replacement.

Patients only require one night in hospital for a single bone osteotomy and most can fully weight bear on their knee immediately after the surgery. There is no plaster or brace and patients are encouraged to move their knee immediately without restriction.

After patients have recovered, many can run, jump and fully bend the knee joint which is not possible with a knee replacement.


  • Good pain relief 
  • The knee joint is not removed
  • Faster recovery from surgery (normally 6 – 12 weeks)
  • Return to work in 6 weeks
  • Wider range of movement 
  • Knee replacement is still an option if osteoarthritis worsens
  • Improved stability of the joint

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Watch Maria’s knee osteotomy patient journey with Mr Minhal Chatoo 


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