Healthcare – Why choose to go private


With a beloved National Healthcare System (NHS) in the UK that has looked after so many of us since birth, Some may ask why choose to go private? 


With only around 11% of the population covered by private health insurance many have never visited an independent hospital to experience the benefits. 



Healthcare - Why choose to go private

What is a private hospital? 

Simply put, it is an organisation that provides treatment and healthcare services independently of the NHS. However, many private hospitals support their local NHS Trusts by providing several NHS services.


In England both NHS and privately operated hospitals are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Which performs routine audits to ensure health care services provide people with safe, high-quality care.



Benefits of using a private hospital   

The benefits of going to a private hospital can usually be grouped into the three following categories:


Fast access to care

When searching for medical advice or treatment, most people will seek to book an appointment with their NHS GP. Depending on a number of factors such as number of people registered with the same GP practice, practice staffing levels and geographical location this can lead to appointment waiting times measured in weeks.


If referral to treatment is also required patients are often added to a waiting list where times can vary depending on speciality and location. Although the NHS set targets to try and manage waiting lists, continued pressures on the system have caused waiting lists for many specialities to rise significantly. 


Private Hospitals often offer Private GP services that allow patients to seek face-to-face medical assistance within 48 hrs with options to be treated within 2 weeks. Having the benefit of reduced waiting times reduces the time that their issue has to impact their lives.   



Private healthcare offers patients the benefit of choice. Whether it be choice of hospital, treatment and drugs (many not offered on the NHS due to costs), time and location that is convenient for patients. All help to provide a tailored healthcare service. 



Private hospitals pride themselves on offering their patients great care alongside a great experience, with an emphasis on comfort and luxury normally seen in the hospitality sector. Comforts include:

  • private rooms with en-suites, 
  • TVs and access to high-speed Wi-Fi;
  • Al-carte dining
  • fewer restrictions on visiting hours
  • superior cleanliness standards









How to get a private hospital appointment


Private medical insurance patients

If you are in the 11% of the population that has access to private healthcare cover you can make a claim against your policy to be seen at your preferred private hospital.

To learn more about insured patients’ services at One Hatfield Hospital Click here


Self-pay patients

Join the growing number of people going direct to private hospitals by getting in touch with your local private hospital to submit an enquiry.

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NHS Patients 

When referred for treatment use your ‘patient choice’ to select to be seen at a private hospital. NHS GPs are able to refer patients to be seen at private hospitals where they offer NHS services. For more on patient choice click here.    

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