5 Facts on Hernia Repair

Hernias are a common condition caused when the body pushes an organ through a weakened area of muscle or tissue.
Surgery can correct the muscle weakness of the affected area to strengthen, support and fix the problem.


Facts about Hernia


  • The most common symptoms are pain, swelling and discomfort at the site of the hernia

  • Most hernias are located in the inner groin (inguinal) or abdomen although they can also occur in the thigh or around the navel.

  • Although more common in men, women, children and even babies can develop a hernia

  • Hernia are mainly caused by heavy lifting or strenuous activity although the can be caused by poor diet and lifestyle.

  • Surgery is the only way to fully treat a hernia


Are you concerned that you may have a hernia? Or are you waiting on a list for hernia treatment?


A consultation with one of our leading General Surgeons at One Hatfield Hospital start from £150
Our transparent fixed price package* for inguinal hernia treatment is £2,500 (ask us about spreading the cost)