Innovation in surgical visualisation at One Hatfield Hospital


Two of our leading Consultant ENT Surgeons, Mr George Mochloulis and Mr Ananth Vijendren, have trialled a state-of-the-art piece of visualisation equipment in one of our theatres here at One Hatfield Hospital.


Operating microscopes were introduced in the 1960s and transformed the way many surgical procedures are performed. There have been countless innovations over the years that have led us to the modern, high magnification, versatile microscopes used today.


The Vitom 3D used by our surgeons takes us to the next level in surgical visualisation. It enabled a completely exoscopic three dimensional visualisation of the operating field, in this case to assist removal of the thyroid (thyroidectomy) and complex ear surgery (tymanoplasty).  Exoscopic means that there is no need to insert microscopic cameras. This camera remains outside the body but gives an even better view that is not only three dimensional, but delivers pictures in high 4K definition and high magnification. It is visualisation of a standard that has never been seen before and could revolutionise surgery.


This innovation has great benefits for the patient, minimising bleeding, reducing unnecessary trauma to surrounding tissue and improving recovery time.


Mr Mochloulis said, “I was so impressed with the technology, I felt like I was transported inside the patient’s body and could see the anatomical structures in a definition and quality that I’ve never seen before”.


We are very grateful to KARL STORZ for giving us this opportunity.  The team here at One Hatfield Hospital were honoured to witness the Vitom 3D being used. Not only a first for us, but a first for the UK!


How can I find out more?

Mr George Mochloulis is a Senior Consultant ENT/Head & Neck/Thyroid Surgeon specialising in thyroid and parathyroid surgery, benign and malignant head and neck surgery, diseases of the salivary glands and management of children’s ENT problems. Read more here. Mr Mochloulis has regular clinics at One Hatfield Hospital. 



Mr Ananth Vijendren, One Hatfield HospitalMr Ananth Vijendren is a Consultant ENT Surgeon with a sub-specialty interest in adult and paediatric ear-related diseases, balance and hearing reconstruction. Read more here. Mr Vijendren has regular clinics at One Hatfield Hospital. 



Call 01707 443 333 to book a consultation with Mr Mochloulis or Mr Vijendren at One Hatfield Hospital.