Lockdown Hip Pain! with Mr Neil Davies, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Over the last 12 months many of us have seen an increase in various general body aches and pains, including hip and groin pain. Either from an increase in activity levels enabled by working from home or a decrease in our normal exercise pattern as the gyms have closed. It could be the reactivation of an old problem or a new area of discomfort.


Woman with hip painThere are many causes of hip and groin pain, the issue can vary from being a simple muscle/soft tissue problem that is easily treated with a combination of rest, anti-inflammatory medication, modified activities and manipulative therapy, like physiotherapy for example. Or a problem within the joint itself that could be either be the result of localised inflammation to the lining of the hip or arthritis (wear and tear) of the hip. There are also other regions that can refer pain to the hip, like the lower lumbar spine.


If you develop hip or groin based pain, or discomfort that doesn’t settle with simple measures, then further investigations may be necessary in order to identify the cause and target treatment accordingly. This would include an examination of the hip, and a combination of the following: an X-ray, an Ultrasound Scan or an MRI Scan.


Once the cause of the pain has been identified then the specific treatment can be instigated. More specific treatments may include local anaesthetic and steroid injections, or even hip replacement surgery. If your hip has significant arthritis and fails to settle following other treatments, often the only way to get rid of the pain and return you back to your previous levels of activity is by replacing the joint. The current results on hip replacements show a very high level of post-operative patient satisfaction, excellent reduction in pain, a rapid return of function and the majority of implants still working well at over 20 years following surgery.


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Mr Neil Davies