Spinal injections (pain management)

Back pain is so common in the UK that figures have shown one in seven GP consultations were for musculoskeletal problems. Whilst most people will suffer mild and/or short term bouts of pain many will need to seek treatment.

At One Ashford Hospital we have a team which specialise in the treatment of back pain and sciatica. Treatments include physiotherapy, injection therapy and spinal surgery. The type of spinal injection offered is tailored to each patient's individual needs.

Most common amongst these injections are ‘facet joint injections’, ‘epidural injections’ and ‘nerve root blocks’. Injections can help relieve pain and inflammation but also help your Consultant learn more about your specific pain.

Facet joint injections

The facet joints allow your back to be flexible and enable you to bend and twist. They are in almost constant motion and as such, it is very common for them to degenerate and contribute to back pain. injections may be recommended by your Consultant specialist to relieve pain and inflammation in your facet joints and they may also be used to assess your suitability for facet denervation treatment.

You may also need to see a physiotherapist to help address the possible causes of the pain.

Epidural injections

An epidural injection typically contains steroids, anaesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications and is used in the space around the spinal cord, also called the epidural space. They are used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Epidural injections can be used in different areas along the spine depending on your individual pain issues.

Nerve root blocks

Sciatica (trapped nerve pain) is often caused by compressed or irritated nerves in our spines and in those cases your Consultant may recommend a type of injection called a ‘nerve block’ to ease this pain. These injections are highly selective and can often help patients avoid more invasive surgery.  

At One Ashford Hospital we can book you in to see a specialist spinal surgeon, usually within 48 hours, for an initial consultation. 

You can use your private medical insurance or pay for your own treatment. We offer competitive, fixed price packages as well as the ability to spread your cost with the option of 0% finance. If you are using your health insurance please do contact your insurer first for approval and let them know you’d like to be treated at One Ashford Hospital. 

Why One Ashford

  • Modern purpose-built hospital opened in 2016

  • Fast access to diagnostics including MRI, Xray and Ultrasound

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  • Little or no waiting time

  • ‘Ultra clean air’ theatres

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