NHS Patients Waiting for Treatment Could Potentially Double to Nearly 1 Million by 2024


Waiting times for NHS patients waiting for surgery on the NHS is likely to increase


A recent article in the Times suggests that, according to new analysis, NHS patients waiting for elective operations could potentially double by 2024 to nearly 1 million.  Latest figures show that waiting times in excess of 18 weeks have risen to over 500,00 within the last year, with over 3,500 patients now having to wait over a year for their operations. 


According to David Hare, chief executive of the NHS Partners Network, “It is vital that improving access to surgery such as hip and knee operations and cataracts is a priority.  If we don’t grasp this opportunity then patients will be left facing unacceptably long waits for treatment.  NHS providers alone will not be able to meet this rising demand for elective care and it’s important that the significant spare capacity in the independent sector is utilised.”


The full article can be viewed below:




One Ashford Hospital strongly supports the NHS, and since opening our doors in 2016, we have been providing free NHS care under the Patient Choice government initiative.  In this time we have successfully treated thousands of patients.  Ask your GP about One Ashford Hospital to see if we can help. 


Alternatively, if you have private medical insurance, it may be possible to access treatment via your policy, dependent on your level of cover.  One Ashford also offers competitive self-pay packages, with 0% and low-interest finance options available, subject to status.  For further information, please call the hospital direct on 01233 423000, or email at ashford.info@onehealthcare.co.uk







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