Snoring… Why put up with it?


A good night’s sleep has many important health benefits including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, improving brain function and maintaining heart health. Unfortunately disorders of breathing can get in the way.


One in four people suffer with snoring. It happens because of the vibration and partial blockage of the nose and throat. It should not be taken lightly as it can be a sign of more serious sleeping problem called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). Symptoms of OSA include; pauses in breath at night, waking up gasping for breath and daytime sleepiness.


Unfortunately, because of the financial constraints in the NHS, they are unable to provide treatment for snoring. This leaves long suffering patients – and their partners with a troublesome problem.


Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon, Mr Vikram Dhar offers a thorough consultation at his specialist clinic at the One Ashford Hospital, whereby he examines the entire affected airway using a Nasendoscope. This is a very slim camera, which is passed into the patient’s nose and can reveal where the problem lies. At One Ashford, he will be able to show you live images of your airway on a TV monitor, and once the severity and cause of the blockage has been identified, a holistic management plan can be put into action to improve the problem. This can include targeted surgery to the nose and/or throat, referral for a CPAP device or a jaw splint.


Mr Dhar provides a private ENT service to insured patients and self-pay patients alike. He prides himself on providing his patients with gold standard care, keeping patients quite rightly at the centre of everything.


If snoring is affecting your quality of life, do not hesitate in visiting your GP and request a referral to see Mr Dhar.  To book a consultation, call us direct on 01233 423000, or email


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