Non-Surgical Face Lifts now available at One Ashford Hospital


We are delighted to announce that Dr Deborah McManners is now offering Non-Surgical Face Lifting treatment at One Ashford Hospital.


Non-Surgical Face Lift – What is it and what does it do?

Most of us are aware of what a face lift is, but what do we know about non-surgical face lifts?  Are they really a great alternative to traditional face lifts?  We all know that a face lift may be a consideration for those who want a bit of tweaking, but non-surgical face lifts are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional route with their non-invasive, natural looking results.  The procedure is very cost effective for those not wanting to pay out for expensive surgery, and it is suitable for anyone with the first signs of laxity, particularly those with more mature skin.


How long does it take?

Due to its non-invasive nature, the procedure only takes one to three hours to perform and has zero downtime.  This means you can be on your way to tighter skin during the space of a morning!  Your face may be a little rosy afterwards, but this usually resolves within 24 hours of the procedure taking place.  For most people there is no redness at all.  A non-surgical face life is a painless procedure so no anaesthetic is required, meaning you can carry on driving, along with your day to day activities immediately.


What does it involve?

A non-surgical face lift, also known as ‘Hifu’ is carried out using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.  The ultrasound technology reaches the deeper layers of the skin by delivering energy to stimulate collagen production, acting on the same supporting tissue as a face lift.  Hifu can tighten, lift and tone the skin on the face and neck, giving very natural ‘what’s her secret?’ results.  During the procedure, the area being treated is cleansed, and markings will be placed on your skin in preparation for the treatment, before Ultrasound gel is applied.  Energy will be delivered to the skin using a smooth hand piece whilst the depth is being monitored on the screen by Dr McManners.


What areas can be treated?

Hifu is a great alternative for a face lift, but it can also be used to conduct both non-surgical brow lifts, non-surgical neck lifts, as well as treating the chest area.  Suitable areas can be discussed prior to treatment, and Dr McManners can offer a free mini consultation to discuss the best options available to you.


Dr Deborah McManners, Consultant in Aesthetic Medicine at One Ashford Hospital provides non-surgical face lifts at One Ashford Hospital

Dr. Deborah McManners


Dr McManners is a specialist skin and laser doctor, renowned for her expertise in aesthetic treatments, including facial sculpting and laser skin and hair rejuvenation.  Her multidisciplinary practice enables her to provide a rare holistic approach to patient care, and Dr McManners combines significant experience as a medical doctor, aesthetic physician and registered naturopath. 


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