Blocked Nose? Chronic Sinus Problems?

Woman Coughing


With the onset of winter comes the inevitable cold and flu season.  While many of these illnesses are short lived and settle with time and simple painkillers, many persist and may cause chronic sinusitis or exacerbation of existing long-term nose and sinus congestion and infection. In these people there may well be secondary ear, throat and chest issues, with symptoms persisting for weeks and months, causing significant problems with work, leisure and quality of life in general. This is termed ‘Chronic Rhinosinusitis’, and it is estimated that 5.2 million GP consultations per year are requested for symptoms of a blocked nose. 


Regrettably, with continuing NHS budget cuts, patients often do not get the treatment or attention they deserve. Patients often must wait for extended periods before their GP refers them for a hospital appointment, and then a further period before finally being seen in hospital.




Mr Henry Sharp, Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon at One Ashford Hospital has over 20 years’ experience in both private and NHS practice and has a particular interest and expertise in nose and sinus issues, having carried out numerous medical and surgical treatments for patients with nose and sinus disease.

After a thorough consultation and discussion, Mr Sharp can offer a bespoke plan for optimising your nasal function.  If the problems are identified and treated early enough, this often does not require surgery, but if he thinks surgery is the best option then he is able to offer a whole range of procedures, all state of the art and minimally invasive.  An early return to work and to full function in your daily life is his goal in all cases.