Private General Surgery at One Healthcare

General surgery is a category of medicine that includes a wide range of different surgical procedures. No two types of surgery are the same so a private consultant who performs general surgery requires the skills and experience which can take many years to develop in clinical practice and other private hospitals.

One Healthcare's general surgeons have extensive experience in general surgery in both the private healthcare and NHS settings.

Private Hospital Admissions

Some elective surgeries can be handled as a day admission basis, without requiring a stay in hospital, however, for more serious surgery, admission to the hospital for an overnight stay is required. Some patients may require an extended period of recovery in hospital, and post operative therapy afterwards. If you need to stay in hospital longer, our medical team and nursing staff will provide a high standard of patient care to meet your individual needs.


Who will perform my operation?

You can choose the doctor you want to perform your surgery. Information on our private consultant surgeons are available on this website, and you can search for a doctor on the find a consultant page.


How much does private surgery cost?

Most surgical procedures are performed on a fixed price basis. There is a separate fee for the initial consultation, any diagnostic procedures (e.g. MRI scan) and for the surgery and treatment. This will be outlined prior to commencing any surgery so you know exactly how much your private surgery will cost. 

Making an appointment 

If you would like to make an appointment to talk to someone about private general surgery, you can contact the reservations team on 01233 423000 or email, or you can fill in the online booking form here to arrange an appointment for a private consultation at a time that suits you.