Diagnostics include fast-track MRI, with fast reporting

MRI is a sophisticated method of producing detailed images of the body’s internal structures. 

It is amongst the most advanced imaging technique developed to date. MRI uses a very strong magnetic field and radio waves and thus avoids the use of X-Rays. 

Do you have patients that suffer with anxiety or claustrophobia when going for an MRI?

One Ashford Hospital is delighted to have at our disposal a modern, new MRI suite with a ‘wide bore, short bore’ scanner specially designed for private/self-funding patients that cannot face being fully enclosed.


Much More Patient Space. ‘Wide bore, short bore’ simply means the equipment has a much wider arch around the patient and passes over the patient with either their lower half or upper half always outside the scanning device.

Quieter Technology Our special ‘quiet suite’ MAGNETOM MRI scanner keeps noise to an absolute minimum by reducing ‘sharp gradient switches’ – the root cause of MRI’s noise.

Specially Experienced Staff. At One Ashford Hospital, we are very lucky to have staff with a wealth of experience in dealing with patients with space anxiety. Using a variety of distraction techniques including ‘informal preview appointments’ and patient involvement picking computer-generated scenery, we are able to offer a very realistic, local alternative to patients having to travel to London to use an ‘Open Scanner’.

90% of MRI Scans Fully Reported Within 24hrs. We understand that the time it takes to report an MRI result is a major issue with serious consequences for the patient – so we are proud to work with radiographers and consultants that enable us to get at least 90% of all MRI scans reported within 24 hours.